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  • 17 Jul
  • The Green Corner,
    Los Gigantes

    9.30 pm - 11.00 pm
  • 20 Jul
  • The Green Corner,
    Los Gigantes

    9.30 pm - 11.00 pm
  • 23 Jul
  • Las Rosas,
    Puerto Santiago

    9.30 pm - 11.30 pm
  • 24 Jul
  • The Green Corner,
    Los Gigantes

    9.30 pm - 11.00 pm
  • 25 Jul
  • The Royal Bar,
    Puerto Santiago - below Balcon,
    opposite Tamaimo next to Parafarmacia

    9.30 pm - 11.00 pm
  • 27 Jul
  • The Green Corner,
    Los Gigantes

    9.30 pm - 11.00 pm
  • 30 Jul
  • Las Rosas,
    Puerto Santiago

    9.30 pm - 11.30 pm
  • 31 Jul
  • The Green Corner,
    Los Gigantes

    9.30 pm - 11.00 pm

Possible New Venue


On Wednesday 17th April we will be playing at The Sunset Bar (behind The Courtyard and opposite The Barcelo Santiago Hotel) from 9.30 - 11.30.  If the evening is a financial success for the bar then it could become a regular venue and replace one of the lost nights at Route 66. It is a very smart bar offering could prices and measures on their drinks. Help us help you to have a place to come and see us by turning up on Wednesday - YOUR BAND NEEDS YOU!Smile


Please see below our latest news

No more music at Route 66

Please note that there will be NO MORE live music at Route 66 in Playa Santiago as of 11th April 2019. The decision has been taken by the owner. Apologies to everyone who was hoping to see us there and we will update if and when we find a new venue. Click on the title link to find out moreMore >
April 2019 Update

We have a new venue to our normal venues of Route 66 every Sun, Tues & Thurs and The Green Corner every Sat. - we can now be found at La Paella Rustico on the harbour in Los Gigantes every 2nd Fri. from 9.00 pm til 11.00 pm. Click on the title link to find out moreMore >
News Update 30th Jan 2019

Please note that ODNT have returned to Route 66 every Sunday, Tuesday and Thurs but like Brexit the negotiations are continuing so watch this page for the latest updates. More >
January 2019 Update

Unfortunately due to the owner of Route 66 wanting to cut our fee by 40% we have reluctantly decided we will not, for the time being, be performing at Route 66. Should he come back with an improved offer we will consider returning. We will keep you informed if there are any changes. Click on the title link to find out more.More >
Look This Good in our T-shirts

You too can look this good if you get your old dogs-newtricks T-shirt.More >
New Additions to T-shirt Range

Proud to announce new additions to old dogs new tricks t-shirt range, Route 66 and The Green Room which are now available on Amazon!More >
New T-Shirts available on Amazon

Proud to announce our new Old Dogs New Tricks Tenerife T-Shirts are now available on Amazon!More >
Spring 2018 Update 2

Well it has been a roller coaster year so far with lots of ups and downs. Click on the title link to find out more about what's been happening.More >
Spring 2018 Update

Where has the time gone? Lots of things have happened since the last News Update so click on the title to find out what we've been up to!More >
Summer 2017 Update

Interesting how rumours start and facts get twisted. Here's the word from the "Dogs".....Yes, we are selling our house. Looking ahead to the next 15 years, it is time to downsize and release some capital. No, we are not leaving the Canary Islands. No, we are NOT retiring. We may slow down a bit, but we plan to keep performing for as long as we can play guitar and sing. Click title to read moreMore >
Spring 2017 Update

Well it has been an eventful few months since the last update. Both Bob & Jill have celebrated birthdays with Bob throwing a party in the UK to mark his 70th birthday. Click on the title to find out what else has been happening!More >
March 2017 Update

Tenerife is still very busy, as are we with another great night at the recent Los Gigantes Carnaval. Lots of changes, the main one being we are selling our house but don't worry we have no plans to retire or return to the UK aside from our upcoming visit to celebrate Bob's 70th! Click title to read moreMore >
January 2017 Update

Some good & some bad news. Sadly, December saw us lose our very dear friend Sally just before Christmas. A better start for the New Year with a great night in The Plaza, Los Gigantes then the news that our good friend Elaine Husband, who organised the Help for Heroes Charity Balls, was awarded the British Empire Medal in the New Years Honours List. Click title to read moreMore >
October 2016 Update

Firstly apologies for lack of updates, time just flies when you are having fun! Lots has happened over the summer months including holidays, another great performance at The Plaza, new songs and revision surgery for Bob. Click on the title to read more.More >
May 2016 Update

Well long time no update but time just seems to be flying by. Full houses at both Route 66 and Highland Paddy until Easter but since then it has been a bit up and down with neither rhyme nor reason as to why. Jill’s guitar playing is coming along nicely and certainly adds a new dimension to the show. More >
March 2016 Update

A rollercoaster start to the year with amazing crowds at both Highland Paddy & Route 66. Most nights standing room only from within 15 minutes of taking the stage - what more can we ask for? Click on the title to read more.More >
Sept Oct 2015 Update

Having a great time on the home scene with Route 66 & Highland Paddy rammed inside & out every night. We also performed to a packed Plaza in Los Gigantes for the annual “World Tourism Day” & we returned to the UK to perform at our third “H4H” ball. Click on the title to read more. More >
July 2015 Update

Sorry that news is a bit late but the "olddogs" have been up to their necks in dust with builders in for the last 9 weeks so the computer has been under dust sheets. Work wise everything has been quite mad with full houses every night at both venues. Click on the title to read more. More >
April 2015 Update

Well April is just about over and at last summer has arrived with temperatures rising to 23 during the day and staying at around 20 at night. With it has come a much happier and more relaxed audience who want to party. Click on the title to read more >More >
March 2015 Update

Well it looks like winter may well be over here on the sunny isle. The "olddogs" have battled through continuous colds and Bob having bronchitis but the show went on. It has been a great period as far as audiences go and the duo have been performing to full houses every night. Click on the title to read more >More >
Jan. 2015 Update

A very Happy and Healthy New Year to you all. Bob & Jill would like to take this opportunity of thanking you for your support throughout 2014 and look forward to entertaining you again in 2015.More >
Christmas 2014 Update

The "dogs" are back from Lanzarote where the atrocious weather curtailed intended plans but prompted some retirement house hunting. Watch this space! Now ready for the Christmas and New Year mayhem. Click on the title to read more.More >
October 2014 Update

Important! Location change for ROCKFEST, the fundraiser for Los Gigantes Carnaval being held on Saturday 18th October. As work on the plaza is not finished they have decided to use the only other available space......the traffic island where the Tourist Office stands in Los Gigantes, near the Paraiso del Sol Restaurant. Click on title to read more.More >
September Update 2014

Well the biggest news update is that our 10th CD - olddogs newtricks "Just Got Better" will be available from tomorrow. It features songs from 60's through to 2014 and finds the duo in great form. Click on title to read more.More >
August 2014 Update

Big thanks to Sophie, who with her sister, was sharing her holiday with her stepfamily. She took up the tambourine and joined us on stage, keeping perfect time with our numbers and then she did something very special. Click on title to find out more.More >
July 2014 Update

Things don't stand still here on Tenerife. The “olddogs” are cutting back to work on 4 nights one week and 5 the other so they now have every Friday and Saturday off to enjoy quality time with friends and family when they visit the sunshine isle (they're not getting any younger!!). Click on title to read more. More >
An Apology

....to the lovely couple who tried to say goodbye to us while we where packing up after the gig at Highland Paddy last Wednesday night.We were under pressure to get all the gear out before the doors closed and things got a bit stressed. When we had finished and looked around to say goodbye, you had gone. Thanks for coming to see us at Route 66 & Highland Paddy. More >
June 2014 Update

Hope you are enjoying the new website. Unfortunately we still haven't opened the shop but that's my fault but I'm trying to rectify it asap! It's been a bit of a roller coaster year so far with venues changing fairly regularly. We hope we've got it sorted now but timings currently affected by the football. Click on the title link to find out more.More >
May 2014 Update No 2

Rupert Roll hits the big time featuring in the current issue of The Tenerife News. His fame is spreading across the island! As always he'll be at Route 66 & Highland Paddy 2 in Playa la Arena & Highland Paddy in Los G for another week of partying. This Roll really does know how to Rock. Why not follow his example and PARTY away the week with ODNT?More >
May 2014 Update No 1

The adventures of Rupert Roll continue ... today after a prolonged and often heated meeting Rupert was rescued in one piece. He had survived threats of being toasted and put through the slicer. He really is a tough old cookie well roll and on his return all he wanted to do was pick up his guitar and join ODNT for a “jam” session. More >
April 2014 Update No.3

Hi there everybody, by now many of you will have become introduced to The Adventures of Rupert Roll via Facebook, well now he's joining us here on the website. Watch out for regular news & gossip. Further news is that ODNT will be returning to Los Gigantes playing at Highland Paddy on Wednesday nights. Click on the title link to find out more.More >
April 2014 Update No.2

ODNT now back in the saddle & working their socks off - who said they were going to slow down with advancing years? The new “P2” (formally Highland Paddy 2) in Playa la Arena is absolutely fantastic & Friday night is definitely the “BIG PARTY NIGHT” with ODNT on from 9.30 until late followed by an 80’s Disco until very late. To read more click on the title link.More >
April 2014 Update No.1

Hi Guys, just back from a great holiday in Lanzarote. Very mixed weather and Bob managed to come down with bronchitis and Jill with vertigo. Hey ho such is life. However they did manage to fit in two great gigs at Barney's Bar in Playa Blanca. Definitely THE place to go in Playa Blanca with REAL MUSIC from REAL PEOPLE. To read more click on the title link.More >
March Update 2014

Hi everybody good news is that Jill now tells me her voice is back to full strength - whoopee! Also new website should be up and running by the middle of next week so watch this space. We have had a really busy Feb. with lots of friends revisiting Tenerife as well as new venues. To read more click on the title link.More >
February Update 2014

Please note that we have a new website being constructed at the moment so for up to date news check out Old Dogs New Tricks on Facebook. We also have some new tracks on Old Dogs New Tricks/Youtube. Apart from that January has been a fantastic month for the "olddogs". To read more click on the title link.More >
Stop Press January 2014

Hi there all "dog" lovers - latest updates. We will now be playing Sun, Tues & Thurs at our old stomping ground - Route 66. On Wed we will be at "The Green corner" in Los Gigantes and on Fri we will be at "Highland Paddy 2" in Playa la Arena. To read more click on the title link.More >
End of Year news

Unfortunately it is not all good news. The good news is that Jill's voice is getting stronger by the day and is almost back to full strength. The bad news is that on Christmas Eve without any notice or reason Route 66 have cut 2 of our nights so we will only be appearing there on a Sun, Tues & Thurs. To read more click on the title link.More >
December Update 2013

Well the good news is that the dogs are a "howling" again and are back working at Route 66. They have just completed their first 3 nights without any apparent mishap and Jill's voice getting stronger with each show. To read more click on the title link.More >
Major Update November 2013

Well apologies to everyone who has been disappointed not to see us at Route 66 but unfortunately we have had a few disasters! Jill lost her voice on Halloween and struggled to perform through two more shows. Unfortunately she had developed a polyp on her left vocal chord and had a swelling on her right one. To read more click on the title link.More >
October Update 2013

A huge thanks to all who attended H4H Ball at Brockenhurst last week, it was like playing in Tenerife - so many familiar faces. Thanks to our sponsors and the show at Tipsy Terrace we managed to raise €7500 before we left which meant that after covering our travel expenses we were able to give a big fat donation to the charity. To read more click on the title link.More >
August Update 2013

Hi guys and still the heat goes on - we've had an incredibly hot August with Red Alerts and temperature warnings and no sign of any let up. Route 66 still going strong and being constantly upgraded which is great news. Bar still full every night although it is noticeable that people have less money to spend but at least what they have they are spending with us. To read more click on the title link.More >
July Update 2013

Long time no update but we have been on holiday. The "olddogs" went back to the old country and visited Scotland to attend a wedding before heading South. A week was spent in Callander in possibly one of the best B&B's in the country. No fault could be found which was just as well as it p*****d down for most of the time. To read more click on the title link.More >
May Update 2013

Hi everyone and sorry for the delay in updating the news but it has been fairly traumatic over the last month with Bob having a bit of a cancer scare and Jill a bit of a heart scare but very happy report that both are well and Bob has had the all clear after minor surgery. To read more click on the title link.More >


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ryan thorpe

29 | 06 | 2014

Hi Jill and Bob, really missing my old dogs new tricks nights, my mum and dad are hoping to fetch me back again in october. keep rocking, im still wearing the t shirts and listening to your cd,s. from ryan your "Youth El...